Clover Valley Farmers' Market
Fort Frances, Ontario CANADA

Gerber's Produce

Fort Frances, Ontario

Sale Locations

Clover Valley Farmers' Market: Fort Frances
 Matiowski Farmers' Market: Kenora
Red Lake Farmers' Market
Northwest Market: Sioux Lookout
Safeway Grocery Store: Farm Fresh Eggs

Specializing in Produce, Sheep and Eggs

Mark Gerber immigrated from Switzerland 50 years ago. He was part of a large diversified family farm with dairy cattle, beef cattle, pigs, chickens and produce. After he married and started a family of his own, he specialized in produce, sheep, and eggs.

Never Looked Back

The original business plan involved selling wholesale produce to the larger supermarket chains, but a change in head office regulations made it difficult for smaller farmers. That's when Gerber's Produce started selling at farmers' markets and they have never looked back.

Gerbers' Produce has been part of the Clover Valley Farmers' Market for the last 8 to 10 years. They supply wool, farm fresh eggs and all types of produce. They also supply product to the foodbox programme.

Meet the Producers

Extra Content-Christmas Store

Christmas Store

AG's Produce also provides products for our Christmas Store.

Clover Valley Farmers’ Market distributes Christmas orders to 7 locations in the Rainy River and Kenora District areas.